Building Bridges @ Multicultural Ministries Leadership Seminar

Multicultural Ministries Leadership Seminar hosts BUILDING BRIDGES: Gracious Dialogue on Race and other issues of our time with Eric H. F. Law of the Kaleidoscope Institute. 

“Imagine every corps (church) and ministry across the nation as a gracious place for truth-seeking on race and other important issues of our time. THIS is a big idea!”  Divisional Multicultural Ministries Coordinators, Field Advisors, and other territorial staff began to explore this possibility through participation in the Building Bridges training which was held as a part of this year’s Multicultural Ministries Leadership Seminar (October 11-12). This training for facilitators was led by Eric H.F. Law of the Kaleidoscope Institute.

The Building Bridges training is carefully designed to empower participants to create safe environments, and facilitate honest and constructive dialogue about race and other related issues between people with diverse opinions, perspectives and experiences. The outcome being: mutual understanding.

Complete resource packets have been created on a wide variety of race-related topics, e.g. Race & Children, Race & Immigration, Race & Lives Matter, etc. with ongoing supports for facilitators to help build proficiency through webinars post the initial training.

During the training, participants gathered in small groups, and following a “scripted” format, “experienced”  a complete dialogue (topic), utilizing tools such as Respectful Communication Guidelines, Mutual Invitation,  worksheets, historical texts, video and a variety of other tools. The process enabled individuals with different perspectives to self-reflect, hear others, gain new insights, and come away having engaged in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

More specific information on the Building Bridges training can be found at the Kaleidoscope Institute website: