The ONE Conference: Synergize Live Stream

The ONE Conference: Synergize (Oct. 13-15) can now be viewed via “live stream.” Click on        

The ONE Conference: Synergize Registration is Open!

We are so excited about the roster of special guests and presenters for The ONE Conference: Synergize (Oct. 13-15)! They come from a variety of ministry settings and will bring fresh perspectives, as well as, practical tools for engaging the unique challenges of the church and the critical issues of our time.  Go to the…

The ONE Conference: Synergize

The ONE Conference is a biennial conference designed to equip leaders with knowledge, resources and skills for effective multiethnic ministries and for cross-cultural outreach.  The conference welcomes those who are engaged in cross-cultural outreach, multiethnic ministries, community bridge-building, services to culturally diverse communities, and those who want to develop the skills for effective cross-cultural living,…

The ONE Conference: Synergize – Oct. 13-15, 2017

The ONE Conference is a biennial conference designed to educate and equip followers of Jesus for the challenges and opportunities for serving in a culturally and ethnically diverse and rapidly changing world. This year’s theme is SYNERGIZE (Eph 4:16), Given the unique challenges of our time—and there are many–how can we work together, each part…

The ONE Conference: Synergize

Mark your calendars now for this biennial multicultural and multiethnic ministries conference. More details to follow!

Rise Up And Reach Out … To All Nations

January 9-13, 2017

Free Live Stream – Mosaix 2016

Free Live Stream — Mosaix’ 3rd National Multi-ethnic Church conference is November 1-2, 2016, in Dallas, TX. This conference convenes every three years and will gather some 1,200 multi-ethnic church pioneers and practitioners including church planters and pastors, network and denominational leaders, authors and educators. You can join this opportunity to be encouraged, equipped, and…