The ONE Conference: Synergize Registration is Open!

We are so excited about the roster of special guests and presenters for The ONE Conference: Synergize (Oct. 13-15)! They come from a variety of ministry settings and will bring fresh perspectives, as well as, practical tools for engaging the unique challenges of the church and the critical issues of our time.  Go to the…

The ONE Conference: Synergize

The ONE Conference is a biennial conference designed to equip leaders with knowledge, resources and skills for effective multiethnic ministries and for cross-cultural outreach.  The conference welcomes those who are engaged in cross-cultural outreach, multiethnic ministries, community bridge-building, services to culturally diverse communities, and those who want to develop the skills for effective cross-cultural living,…

Bible & Leadership Webinar (Spanish)

The Spring 2017 Bible & Leadership Webinar is now available for your viewing. Our presenters are Lt. Martha Valladares and Lt. Tomas Valladares. Lt. Martha will be speaking on “Renovando su pasión espiritual” [Renewing Your Spiritual Passions]’ and Lt. Tomas’ message is “El Liderazgo de siervo” [Servant Leadership].

Culture 101: Embracing Cultural Differences

These training videos (English & Spanish) are the first of a series of cultural intelligence resources that can be used by  ministry leaders who want to develop cultural competencies for multicultural and multiethnic ministries. Created by the Central Territory Multicultural Ministries Department, the videos are designed to be used in a variety of Army programs with soldiers, staff,…

The ONE Conference: Synergize

Mark your calendars now for this biennial multicultural and multiethnic ministries conference. More details to follow!

Remembering: Black History is American History

THE GREEN BOOK For African-American travelers in the Jim Crow-era South—often journeying from the north to visit relatives who had not joined the Great Migration—an unprepossessing paper-bound travel guide often amounted to a survival kit. The Green Book often functioned as a lifesaver… The “Green Book” gives us another interesting slice of American History. Click the link…

Bible & Discipleship Training Fall 2016 Webinars

Two new training opportunities are now available via webinar: “Todo tiene su tiempo” (A Time for Everything) presented by Captain Nivia Peredes. “Caminando mano a mano” (Walking Hand by Hand) presented by Captain Kerman Moran. Click on the link to view them.  

Free Live Stream – Mosaix 2016

Free Live Stream — Mosaix’ 3rd National Multi-ethnic Church conference is November 1-2, 2016, in Dallas, TX. This conference convenes every three years and will gather some 1,200 multi-ethnic church pioneers and practitioners including church planters and pastors, network and denominational leaders, authors and educators. You can join this opportunity to be encouraged, equipped, and…


Conversations designed to be more than just a one-time event, but an ongoing guide for the journey. SACRED CONVERSATIONS ON RACE, CULTURE AND RECONCILIATION is a resource designed to assist officers, soldiers, and employees to have gracious conversations around the complex and sensitive topic of race, our racial histories, and racial reconciliation. These conversations will be enriched…

Reconciliation Ministry Resources

Three Reminders As we Dialogue For the Common Good “As we engage with those who have different perspectives and opinions, we should focus on listening.”  Implicit Racial Bias The Church – A BARNA Report