Come to the Table


We are happy to share with you the resources for the upcoming Cultural Awareness Week, scheduled to be observed January 8-12, 2018. The theme for this observance is “Come to the Table.” These resources provide an “opportunity to gather together with all our distinctive qualities, talents, cultures and backgrounds to worship in unity and truth! It is also an opportunity to explore our uniqueness and personal stories as we live as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

The link provided will take you to the website of our Program Tool Kit where all of the resources are available for download. The main document is entitled, “Come to the Table – Cultural Awareness Week 2018” and is the second document listed. An introduction guide, group participation ideas, the meeting outline and sermon, as well as other helps are highlighted in this specific document.

CULTURE 101: Embracing Cultural Differences

CULTURE 101 – Embracing Cultural Differences, available in English and Spanish, is a 30 minute interactive video with discussion questions and group activities.  It has been prepared to help ministries develop  cultural competence and can be used with different groups in a variety of ministry settings.



*The links to this resource were omitted from the Program Toolkit.